2015 Committee

Organising Committee

Emma Nicol, Marilyn McGee-Lennon, Mark Dunlop and Andreas Komninos conduct research in the Mobiquitous Lab at The University of Strathclyde. Emma is a research associate on the EPSRC-funded OATS project on text entry for older adults. Marilyn’s main focus is mobile applications for healthcare: she has extensive experience of working with older adults on funded research projects. Mark leads the Mobiquitous lab and has a long history of research in mobile interaction. Andreas’s also works on OATS. His main research interests are mobile & pervasive computing and mobile human computer interaction.

Lynne Baillie is Director of the Interactive and Trustworthy Technologies Research Group at Glasgow Caledonian University. She was a Senior Researcher at the Telecommunications Research Centre, Vienna. She has been involved in the user-centered design of home and mobile technologies for over ten years, working with several major companies and recently completed a 4 year £1.5m UK research council grant on home mobile rehabilitation for older adults.

Jo Lumsden and Lilit Hakobyan conduct research in the Aston Interactive Media (AIM) Lab at Aston University, Birmingham. Lilit is currently researching the use of participatory design techniques to develop a mobile application to promote independent living and enhanced well-being for persons with age-related macular degeneration. Jo, a senior lecturer at Aston University, manages the AIM Lab, and is an Adjunct Professor in Interdisciplinary Studies at New Brunswick University. Her research interests include participatory design approaches to mobile assistive technologies, technologies for the elderly, novel evaluation and interaction techniques for mobile technologies. She is Editor-in-Chief of The International Journal of Mobile HCI.


Extended Organizing & Program Committee

Parisa Eslambolchilar is an associate professor in Human-Computer Interaction at Swansea University. She is interested in human behaviour in interaction with ubiquitous technologies, in particular applying engineering tools to understand sensor-based interaction with mobile and medical devices, multi­modal interaction and human behaviour change.

Pin Sym Foong is a PhD candidate at the Graduate School of Integrative Sciences and Engineering in Singapore. Her research interests include older adults and technology, health and persuasion. She is currently designing digital toys for people with dementia.

Fáber Danilo Giraldo Velásquez is full professor at the University of Quindío, Colombia. His main interests are Software Engineering, Software Architecture, Usability and Human-Computer Interaction. Recent research has included developing and deploying telecare applications in care homes for older adults.

Paul Gault is a design ethnographer. With a background in interactive media design, Paul’s recent research activities have included the RCUK-funded Rural Passenger Project using participatory design with older adults to develop accessible technological interfaces to transport services.

Ann-Marie Horcher is a PhD candidate at Nova Southeastern University. With an industrial background in information architecture and systems security design her research focuses on designing security on mobile platforms to make technology accessible to novice users with a particular focus on older adults.


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